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The best dam thing since sliced bread
no flaws, no hangovers, natural sourced

follows the same rules as jesus:
its as good as gold but is classed as a criminal.

only substance on drug lists that is actually a herb not a manufactured drug.

usually smoked by people unwilling to be unrulely to society or by people who wish to experience the funnier side of more serious events

Unfortunately given wrong impressions by shows such as 'hollyoaks' and 'skins' which gives the impression smoking will ruin your life.
maybe this movie will be funny if we smoke cannabis and turn down the volume then make up what they are saying...?

by Roachhh January 13, 2009
J R Pennysworth
is a code name for a cannabis spliff.
Coming from the term
Joint -> shortened to -> 'J'
Then Lengthened in comical situations
"Fancy going for a J R Pennysworth?"
"Why the sophisticated tone?"
"Fine, don't have any!"
by Roachhh January 16, 2009

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