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1.a fuzzy fur ball that comes in many colors. the show usually presents for 8 minutes of these...things running all around with weird background sounds. They live in giant spoons and can pop their heads inside their bodies.
2. Your little brother dressed in neon colors when you've smoked a little too much.
3.Teletubbies heirs.
1. Oh Boohbah is on! I must go watch it.

2. Oh my god, there's a boohbah playing on the game cube in my living room!
by Roxx February 21, 2006
A small patch of hair on a guy's chest, that is a different color than his hair. It usually looks like a dead cat and is very unappealing. This term is used in far away quebec.
girl 1:I can't wait to see jimmy in his bathing suit....

-a few minutes later-

girl 1: Ewww. he's got a shaggy!!!!
by RoXx March 03, 2006
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