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a ladies lubrication, hocum, pussy juice etc
man, i can still smell her cunt chutney on my hands
by roco February 06, 2004
elaboration on, or misspronunciation, (usually drunken) of what demure ladies call the 'C'-word (and the rest of us call the cunt-word)
get ou me wya you feckin' cuntite
by roco January 28, 2004
obscure reference to the rolling of sweet mary jane in a rizla, zig-zag or ocb paper, for instance. (taken from name of even obscurer italian footballer)
skinnardi, dude, i need to get wasted
by roco January 28, 2004
term of recognition used by english speaking people especially those from afro-carribean and / or northern (ie north of Watford) origin. somewhat ironically, it is especially prominent among the older generations.
"'ow do youth"
"easy there, my yoot"
"jooost gettin' me pension, youth"
by roco February 02, 2004
having listened extensively to the african-american / hispanic etc musical phenomena known as hip-hop it can be pretty much any word beginning with D
you get it dizzel-face
by roco February 02, 2004
Quarterback, New York Jets. Surnmane, Gordon.
Flllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaasssshhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, savior of the universe
by roco April 25, 2005
english? i don't think this bland, talentless pile of arse-gravy comes from my grey, unpleasant land. we gave the world coldplay for fucks sake, isn't that enough gobshite for you? at least the stones can still get some scantily-clad nymphos to kiss in the rain in their latest video. Form is temporary, class is permanent. even if your over 60.
the killers? arent they even more genric and dull than u2?
by roco January 17, 2006
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