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like none other, not copied
50 cent - im a bonafied hustla
by RK July 28, 2004
Wife of Himura Kenshin
by RK December 19, 2002
v. When the male figure is in the position of recieving good dome from a bitch and he shoots a huge load in her mouth, and upon doing so, he makes her cry, producing a rather juicy, sticky form of the human tear.
"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....oh, and your mom died earlier today in a car accident"
by rk June 08, 2004
n. A person who ruins the moment
Jenna was being a douche ninny at the party, so Jed bitch slapped her in the titty
by rk May 01, 2004
home of thugs who prolly aint got the proper education to find their way to they home after they went out.
i got raised "in" the streetz homie

yes in.. as i said they dont got proper education
by RK May 03, 2004
n. one who pussies out when it comes to fucking because they have absolutely no clue what the fuck they are doing.
Billy got so excited when he started to kiss Judy, that he pulled a douche ninny and looked like a complete douche fuck.
by rk May 05, 2004
An idea started by some guy from Japan no one remembers anymore which sparked one of the biggest fads in the United States. The card games were first - pokemon is Japanese for 'Pocket Monsters', kids had piles of them all neatly tucked into overpriced binders for cards. They had pokemon movies, a TV series, toys, and everything else you can think off. Then suddenly, the fad was over and everyone sold thier cards for far less than the bought them to wierd nerds that actually still love the card game. Now, it's nothing but a distant memory for moust of us yet the creator apparently doesn't know because they still make pokemon movies, new pokemon and the TV series is still on the air.
Games, Cards, Movies, TV series, ect..
by Rk March 01, 2005

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