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Noun- A form of masturbation. Accomplished by putting three flying monkeys in a clear plexiglass radio station wind booth used for cash grab events. You then cover your naked body with a gallon of Wesson oil, then step inside and turn on the machine.

With those monkeys swirling around your oily body, you will climax in no time.
Kevin used to masturbate with olive oil and uncooked cookie dough until Pete taught how to have a monkey storm.
by RJ May 19, 2004
(adj) something/someone that resembles a whigger
Yo thats mad whiggawish
by RJ April 12, 2005
Becoming very hot during the summer when ending 8th grade and starting highschool
-Woah! Mandy got sehkseh!
by RJ April 03, 2005
A woman or man who takes care of thier kids. A faithful a good person who takes care of the family.
I love women like her. She's a real Shop Keeper.
by RJ September 04, 2004
One who likes to suck fags
My roommate is a Derrik F
by RJ April 18, 2005
some that goes down on a girl; likes to eat the "cat" or pussy.
They call alex seafood king.
by RJ April 02, 2005
A blurted suddle point or opinion that has some basis of truth but is usually derogatory in nature. Usually given by hard harted persons just to gain social acceptance at the expense of others.

Sometimes reffered to as parasite.
Joe thinks he's cool. But I hate hanging arround a social parasite.
by RJ September 04, 2004

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