43 definitions by Rj

The coolest person ever the best basketball player of all time. Much better then phill jakson.
Man you play bassketball almost as good as willis reed
by rj March 30, 2003
when you have yor thumb in the pink and two in the stink
carrin a bowling ball
by rj December 02, 2003
powder, or cocaine
Leroy: Did u see that midget today
Henry: Yea
Leroy: Do u wanna do some buger shuger!
Henry: Yea
by RJ June 01, 2003
Rfizzle (noun) a lame website maintianed by RJ or RJ
hey is that rfizzle.com, yep and look a picture of rj
by RJ April 05, 2005
Waking up continous through the night and having sex. From the realization that your laying next to a prize attractive woman. A state of euphoria derived from the knowledge of tricking a woman into bed who is of much higher class.
Man, she's so fine I was in bone heavan for 3 weeks.
by RJ September 04, 2004
A first attempt to try to cut someone and make them bleed. Half harted and weak thrust from uncertainty.
At first he was a stickbaby, but he got a taste for it and juked him good.
by RJ September 04, 2004
Noun- A form of masturbation. Accomplished by putting three flying monkeys in a clear plexiglass radio station wind booth used for cash grab events. You then cover your naked body with a gallon of Wesson oil, then step inside and turn on the machine.

With those monkeys swirling around your oily body, you will climax in no time.
Kevin used to masturbate with olive oil and uncooked cookie dough until Pete taught how to have a monkey storm.
by RJ May 19, 2004

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