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Packages of condoms handed out by some Planned Parenthoods. They appear to be suckers, but where the candy part would be its really a condom!!! They come in several colors and usually have smiley faces printed on the outside of the package.
I've got a condom on a stick!!!!
by RJ August 01, 2004
A strange green creature, thought to be created from a puddle of slime on a distant planet. Has yellow ears that resemble wings and wears read boxing gloves all the time. Starts and ends everthing it says with "Heh heh heh". Thought to be genderless, but this fact is still unproven. Although it appears not to need nourishment, it can eat almost anything, as it's stomach has black-hole-esque properties. Has the ability to glow and to fly via methane gas if it should eat something with highly radioactive properties. This creature is thought to be well over 300 years old. Is apparently very fond of cheese.
The dingo ate my baby. The Gorf ate my dingo.
by RJ May 28, 2004
One who likes to bang girls. Or one who walks the street looking for action
he is a spyda. he pulled a spyda
by RJ September 24, 2004
A woman or man who would purchase things for themselves at the expense of thier childrens needs.
She has a closet full of dresses because she feeds her kids pb and j every day. Stupid shop whore, someone should yank her kids out of there.
by RJ September 04, 2004
The little known 11th province of Canada. Only consists of 1 person, named Roger. The capital city is called BillMurray, and consists of Roger's head.
Come and visit Sirscratchatoba, and meet a fairly nice guy.
by RJ May 28, 2004
To give something a new purpuse or reuse something but not in the same manner.
My parents repurposed my room as a den when I left for university.
by RJ June 17, 2004
A group of strapping young men with 12 inch cocks
When the sportsphds put it in, I immediately had to tell them to take it out.
by rj April 09, 2003

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