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A servile, self-seeking flatterer
Hey, I don't need to listen to you, milky licker!
by Rizzo March 10, 2004
the state of being drunk or intoxicated
yo dawg, i got madd drizzed last night
by rizzo June 20, 2003
Leftover beer from a party that reappears at another function. Usually the least desirable and never more than one of each brand/type.
"Dude, what's in the fridge? Bud Ice Light? Sam Adams Brown Ale? Corona Light? Fosters?"

"Yeah, Mike brought a bunch of mustangs from his party"
by Rizzo February 23, 2005
A gay guy who loves to masterbate....alot.But the mog likes to masterbate to girls not guys.
OMG look hes being a mog again
by Rizzo March 29, 2004

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