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A person of African-american descent who chooses to discard his heritage in exchange for that of the Japanese. He considers himself, above all else, a denizen of the nation of japan and prefers its culture, women, and cuisine. The wigaboo often indulges himself in large quantities of manga, anime, and such related conventions. However, the wigaboo will often hide this side of himself while amongst other African-americans, opting to camouflage his true self by maintaining to be a "thug" and acting accordingly; which is ultimately a facade. A wigaboo is, essentially, a person who maintains aspects of both a weeboo and a jigaboo, hence the term Wigaboo
African-american 1: Yo B, is that my nukkah Troy over der at that anime convention?

African-american 2: Ya brah, he's probably tryin to trade his food stamps for Naruto gear again....

African-american 1: Damn B, that foo is such a wigaboo....
by Rival Brah July 16, 2010

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