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1 definition by Ritozzza

Italians are the hottest people ever. Everyone things are sexy boys are gay, but just because they dress better than anyone on earth, doesn't make them gay, actually they are very hott and straight. We have the best food in the freaking world, people who say pizza is American, need to go to Napoli and eat at a REAL pizzeria, one of the small ones in a back ally. Not only, we also created ice cream, the piano, teh compass, and had some of the greatest minds in history, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Rafaelle, Donatello, Petrarca, Tiziano, Boccaccio, Bellini, Machiavelli, Castiglione, Vasari. America was not only discovered by the Italian CRISTOFORO COLOMBO, NOT Christopher Columbus, but named after an Italian, AMERIGO Vespucci. We play soccer better than any country in the world and this summer proves that, anyone who gives us shit about winning the World Cup just needs to watch us kick ass some more. We have the tightest cars, teh prettiest cities, the most beautiful beaches on Earth in my homeland, SARDEGNA! (proud to be a "sardine"!).

We do not all have mafia connections, Italian girls are no harrier than any other race, we do NOT eat marinara shit and alfredo sauces, and we do NOT put parmesan on fish, EVER!

L'Italia non e per niente tutte queste cazzate americane, noi siamo i piu figi e non ce possono sta. FORZA ITALIA, NEL MIO CUORE PER SEMPRE!
Man, I hate that girl, she's so damn perfect!


by Ritozzza August 27, 2006