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Banging various chicks in various countries all over the world. Must bang a chick in key parts of the world including, but not limited to, America, Germany, Egypt, China, England, Greece, Italy, Japan, Australia, Ghana, Madagascar, and most importantly, Mexico.
Mahied: I just went around the world in 80 babes
Ashley: Fuck you
by Rita Malek July 12, 2008
Originated in the endemic region of Danny's basement after Prom '08, this command gathers fellow bros to take just one more shot of hard liquor, preferably Bacardi 151 or 99 Apples. This command can be analagous to a shouting "huddle in!" or even to Cpt. Olimar's Down + B in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Once "One More!" has been shouted, each bro is required to take at least one shot (1.25 oz+) until the thirteenth shot has been drunk, at which point shooting to One More becomes optional.
AT: Come on man, lets take some shots
JS: Bro, any more and I'll be face down in the carpet like Absy
AT: Don't be a niggerfaggot
JS: Fine man, but only one moreee...
by Rita Malek October 20, 2008
A lethal combination of drinks, involving a shot of Bacardi 151, immediately followed by a 12 oz. can of Red Bull, then followed by a 12 oz. can of any beer (Coors works best to maintain consistency in can shape with Red Bull and Coors). Variations include substituting 151 with two-three shots of Smirnoff, or switching the Red Bull with Monster.

*A bottle of 5-Hour Energy on top of the three drinks creates a Sweaty Layek Bomb and must be consumed directly before the 151 (order of consumption by ounces).

*WARNING: Layek Bomb/Sweaty Layek Bomb can be EXTREMELY dangerous to health, causing heart problems and an INSANE amount of energy, enough to get ten feet of air off of one's bed via thrusting.
AT: Yo dude I'm so tired... and this Red Bull isn't helping
JS: Easy dude, just combine the red bull, 151, and a coors to make a Layek Bomb and you'll have enough energy to run a 69s 400m running backwards.

AT: What if we chug this 5-hour energy along with a Layek Bomb?
by Rita Malek October 20, 2008
An ultimate beer-bong machine, capable of flushing out a full can of beer in mere seconds. Ergonomically designed to eliminate all foam, and the sixth version includes a built-in plug created from the finest Japanese chopsticks. Constructed with the most expensive PCP pipes of medieval England, combined with Cosco's most luxurious Propel and Vitamin Water bottles. The only competitor its rival, and brother, The Leviathan.

Fun Fact: The original Black Label was built way back in the summer of '08 using cardboard poster paper, wrapped in saran wrap. Over 25 adjustments have been made, including foam-reducers, beer filters, caps, funnels, plugs, aesthetics, grip, mouthpiece, and painting.

*The Leviathan can only be seen at night, much like the pokemon Hoot-Hoot.
KW: let's chug beers
BL: let's make a beer bong. i'll make the black label 2 v.6 and race it against your leviathan
by Rita Malek October 20, 2008

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