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A photography studio based in Atlanta, Ga.

"Who are you going to get your wedding photography done by?"

"Kirti Photography, she's the best in Atlanta!!"
by RiskyPlissken September 02, 2008
A singular mega noob. AKA a Noobasaurus Rex.
"So, I was totally shooting this guy out of a helicopter when a piece of the rotor came and killed me."

"You're such a noobasaur."
by RiskyPlissken September 02, 2008
A term coined by Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content.

It describes male ejaculate. Similar terms are:

happy batter, joy juice, and glee-gloop.
"I say, good sir, you appear to have a dab of euphoria fluid on your cummerbund!" ~Marten
by RiskyPlissken October 21, 2010

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