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The process of splitting a single shower stall with another male in the event that all of the dormitory showers are in use
Steve: Hey man, I noticed all the shower stalls are taken; would you mind if we buddy up?

Harry: That's no problem! Hop on in, sailor!
by Risky Rick December 11, 2008
A bag of 'shrooms, slap of heroine, star-shaped snort of cocaine all done in under fifteen minutes.
Shit dogg, last night Charles did a Scandinavian Pipebomb in McCarthy Quad and shat his pants and subsequently convulsed.
by Risky Rick December 08, 2008
The process of being unfairly rejected by an internet urban dictionary website.
Pete: I just got urban dictionaried by my history teacher; he didn't even read my paper, he just gave it back and smiled.

Paul: That sucks balls man.
by Risky Rick December 14, 2008

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