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When an Apple fan-boy thinks they're above everyone else just because they paid hundreds of dollars more for a product just because it has an Apple logo on it. Similar to "high horse".
Get off your iHorse, you're not God just because you own an iPod.
by RisketXero April 15, 2011
A top hat with such extraordinary power that no mortal being is capable of "owning" it. If you can prove yourself worthy to it, it may decide to take ownership of you.
"Did you get a new top hat?"
"No, this is Viiryx. IT chose ME."
by RisketXero June 24, 2013
The absolutely worst insult in the entire history of the universe. This is less than "absolute zero" on the likability scale. If you are ever called a "flaktordion" you should give up on life and even on your very existence. There isn't a single thing in the universe that is, was or ever could be worse than you.
The entire Phelps family is basically made up of flaktordions.
by RisketXero April 09, 2013
A person who is being a jerk in a very immature, childish manner.
He didn't like my opinion in the discussion so he went through dozens of my previous posts and made negative comments on them like a little jerksprout.
by RisketXero January 24, 2013
Watching porn via Google Chromecast.
I had the house to myself so I decided to do some serious casturbating and cast porn from my phone to my living room TV.
by RisketXero August 02, 2013

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