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A snake of a human being who beyond all means lives to destroy the reputations of others.

Also a creature that easily turns on its friends. Be aware that the Abdi is a dangerous creature that has many different faces and can lie without anyone knowing.
mike :"who called the cops on you?"
hemz: "abdi man!"
mike :"isnt he like your best friend?"
hemz :"you know what they say, you can never trust an abdi"

sarah: "she completely went behind my back and did that, what a bitch"
mindy: "sarah thats no bitch, you just got abdi'd"

national geographic :

"in the world of creatures, the one that still seems to stun scientists is the Abdi. It lives on the energy or thrill it gets by demeaning others. An almost extinct creature, the abdi can be found in your typical community of friends where it then seeks to destroy ties between all members, when the job is done, the abdi relocates to a new community"
by RishiTheBrave June 28, 2009

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