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A high school located in southwest Portland, Oregon near downtown. Is 40% Jewish, 30% Buddhist, and 30% Christian and/or other. If you're not Russian, Korean, or originally from Canada, you're a minority. The median income for families whose kids attend Lincoln is $100,000 and many live in mansions. Needless to say, these kids love skipping school to go shopping downtown, yet still manage to pull off straight A's.

Fun fact: Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons attended Lincoln.
I went to Lincoln High School. I never went to class yet graduated with a 4.0 and got a $10,000 scholarship to Lewis & Clark. How I love being AZN!
by RiseUpPortland October 25, 2009
Name for Hillsdale, a suburban neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, named as such because of it's large Jewish population. Businesses are closed every Saturday. All restaurants serve kosher food. The main secondary education institution, Woodrow Wilson High School, is practically a yeshiva. The Jewish Community Center is also located there.
I drove down to Jewsdale to get some kosher food and bagels.

My daughter goes to Wilson High in Jewsdale and she gets Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur off since no one comes to school on those days.

During the bombing of the Gaza Strip, several Reedies marched through Jewsdale to protest since there's a lot of Israel supporters there.
by RiseUpPortland September 28, 2009

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