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A young girl (or boy) who gets most of their nourishment from sucking the cum from multiple guy's cocks. Often the diet of slaves in training.
She was cock fed from an early age, there were about 12 of us guys who regularly fed her.

Kerry was cock fed that whole weekend we went camping.
by Ripped Jeans August 09, 2010
A teen boy who is hung like a horse (9 inches or more) and full of sexual stamina.
Oh my god, I caught Sarah sucking Eric's cock. That kid is a real Horse Boy..he was enormous!

Randy fucked me for most of the night with that giant cock, what a Horse Boy.
by Ripped Jeans August 10, 2010
When a guy places his cock in the center of another guys well defined abs and thrusts up and down, similar to titfucking, only in this case, a set of 6 or 8 pack abs.
I straddled Ryan while he lay on his back and abfucked him for a bit, those tight abs of his felt amazing.
by Ripped Jeans February 26, 2011
A guy who is physically ripped and massively hung with giant balls. They can cum many times producing huge loads. Many will drip precum almost non stop. For these reasons they tend to be in the service of cockfed individuals.
1. Jenna was so happy with the new milkbull her parents hired for her, he was hot, cute and tasted incredible. He fed her 4 huge loads and his enormous cock was still hard and throbbing, dripping cum non-stop.

2. Dane had been one of Kerry's Milkbulls for a few years before moving away. But he found her two younger jocks to replace him in feeding her bullmilk.
by ripped jeans April 27, 2011

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