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1. A slang term used to describe illegal aliens of Mexican heritage.

2. Alcoholics

3. Cheap labor

4. High pork and beef diet
That fucking wetback sold be these oranges.
by RipDaJacka April 05, 2008
1. When a dude brings a female ova the first time for the sole purpose of having sex.

2. Using seductive moves to loosen up or lower a female's guard in order to have sex.

3. The best way to get some ass the first meeting; usually accomplished when the man stimulates multiple areas of the woman's body at the same time; done by kissing the neck, playing with the titties, and finger fucking her pussy all at the same time.
Dude 1 - So how it go last night?
Dude 2 - Yea I smashed...

Dude 1 - Dats wassup...u got it the first night...
Dude 2 - Yea u know...my come thru move never fails...
by RipDaJacka April 19, 2008
1. Expression used to proclaim victory and dominance over a fallen foe.

2. Usually used in sporting and gaming environments, the phrase is used by the winner to let their victim or the loser know that at that moment they are king.

3. Phrase used to tell a person that they are your bitch.
Dude 1 - In your face muthaucka!!!!!!!
Dude 2 - This is some bullshit...

Dude 1 - You gotta love it...
Dude 2 - Fuck you...
Dude 1 - CROWN ME BITCH!!!!!
by RipDaJacka April 19, 2008
1. A racial, and sometimes derogatory, term used to describe African-American females who have a fairly light brown or yellow appearing skin tone.

2. Term used by darker tone African-Americans to describe lighter tone African-Americans they feel act caucasian or white.

3. Slang to describe light skin black girls who possess an undesirable attitude or character.
Monique is a light skin devil ater what she did to Marcus.

The girl had a body on her. I would've fucked but she's a light skin devil. I don't need the drama.
by RipDaJacka April 18, 2008

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