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The Scandinavian Cement Mixer is a very specialized form of gay sex, similar to docking. It involves two men, normally one significantly older with a large foreskin, and a sheet of poly film.

The two men stand facing each other naked on the sheet of poly, looking into each others eyes, but never smiling. It is important not to smile as per the third rule of sex, "its not gay if you don't smile". The older man then pulls his foreskin over the tip of the other man penis to achieve the dock. Each man then firmly grips the others penis and in a rhythmic stroking fashion they masturbate each other.
After each man ejaculates into the pocket created by the older mans foreskin they continue the stroking motion, thus simulating mixing the "cement" ejaculate. It is important to maintain synchronized hand motion to prevent breaking the seal of the foreskin and getting "cement" in your eye.

Once both men are content with their experience the older man must carefully remove his foreskin from the other mans penis, and releasing the "cement" ejaculate on the poly sheet.
Folding the poly up and disposing of it makes for easy clean up.
Down in Mexico a old man showed me how to preform a Scandinavian Cement Mixer, and I have been dying to try it again.
by RioW August 15, 2014
Acronym for "Life Is Tough". Often said to someone if they start complaining.
Can also be stressed by saying LIFT (Life is fucking tough)
Jason: "I'm really tired"

Cat: "Ah well, LIT"
by Riow November 10, 2008
Man I'm Fucking Funny. Often said if one makes a joke that no one else thinks is funny, but it is rather clever and witty.
Person 1: "I'm so tired, I wish I could lie down on some grass"
Person 2: "Ask Jacob, he's probably got some grass in his drawer."
Person 1 - not impressed -
Person 2: MIFF
by Riow November 10, 2008

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