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2 definitions by Rion & The Fond (c/o Swell)

Humans, of the female sex persuasion, are generally inclined to engage in the act of commerce. To that end, women do tend to engage in retail commercial transactions for receipt of items in exchange for currency. Likewise, it is a fact that females in all age brackets thoroughly enjoy the commerce related activities.
Whilst cruising the local retail centre, and upon observing several female patrons huddled together handling multiple containers of newly-purchased items, a young man glances at his cohort and says simply: "Women be shoppin'!"
by Rion & The Fond (c/o Swell) August 11, 2010
A heterosexual man who is so extraordinarily secure with his own self-image that he prone to flaunting his Deep V Neck wardrobe choices at social gatherings. Preferably, this man wears a V neck in a shade found on the aquamarine color wheel; to that end, a nice turquoise V never fails to suffice. And, by engaging in said deep V flaunting, this man unwittingly garners much same-sex attention, i.e. long second looks from other dudes, primarily those of the homosexual persuasion.
Dude, on the real, Zach is SO serious about those V necks yo! Look how he be lovin' that shit so much he's like the poster child for Dude Peacock. Let's give Ken his digits and take that turqoise-v-neck-wearin' mothafucker to school for a lesson.
by Rion & The Fond (c/o Swell) August 12, 2010