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White drugs are a category of drugs that are considering to be the worst of all of the drugs. They're called White Drugs because they tend to be white in colour, but don't refer to every single drug that is white.

White drugs is used most commonly to refer to heroin, methamphetamine and other types of speed, cocaine and PCP. Other drugs that are white in colour such as ecstasy, ketamine and research chemicals are not included.

Some habitual drug users vow not to use white drugs due to the fear of addiction but do use other drugs such as marijuana, alcohol, ecstasy, LSD and other hallucinogens.
"want a bag of H tonight?"

"nah man I stay away from white drugs"
by Rio Fantastic January 19, 2008

Basically, it means Fuck the Norm. It is usually used in online (or, in some cases, real-life) conversation in response to a query about unusual behaviour.

It can also be a War-Cry like shout of encouragement or sheer rebellion.
"Why are you going putting up Christmas Lights in July?"

"Yeah, well, FTN."


by Rio Fantastic May 18, 2007
An acronym meaning "Fuck the norm"

To be said as "FUCK THE NORM!!"
"Hey dude I'm dying my hair purple. ftn!!"


bill: hi

mary: LOZLLGFJGK!jkKKL334L3!!

bill: Yeah...ftn
by Rio Fantastic May 07, 2007

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