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a slang for nike shoes
hell man dont get my airs durrty
by rio November 16, 2003
A similar word to mingin, something or someone who isn't physically attractive, and makes the person shudder at the thought of
Look at Xeena, She's so angin
by Rio July 14, 2004
The word you look up in the dictionary when you're either out of perverted words to laugh at or you press 'random word' a lot (Like I did).
What a rip. This thing won't go up like my other window does.. kids and their new fads.
by Rio April 15, 2004
the remnants of semen, natural body lubricants and/or artificial lubricants that pool and collect on surfaces or in the anal cavity after sexual intercourse
My boyfriend birthed our jello baby before we showered and went to bed.
by Rio September 30, 2003
like the coolest tv show ever, with that disabled guy who ses ya i no and vicky pollard etc
'u watchin little britan later' 'computer sez no'
by rio January 21, 2005
To have or hold knowledge beyond all others.
Steve is an expertisio at tear'n up da road.
by Rio January 15, 2004
Fried bread. Great served with pasta or other saucy dishes.
We are having spaghetti and ponto hado tonight.
by Rio January 22, 2005

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