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The killing of time. Pronounced Time-Ih-Side
Joe: Hey, what have you been doing for the last hour?!
Todd: Oh, not much. Just playing some solitare and commiting timicide.
by RinuMizumi April 08, 2008
to leave something behind because you forgot about it.
Joe: "Hey, where's that sticky note you were going to bring?"
Joey: "Oops, I forleft it at home."
by RinuMizumi April 19, 2008
Describing someone or a group of people who cuss a lot.

Joe: F***ing D***it you F***ing B****!!!
Bob: Woah, dude, you're very swearative today.

Jill: Yeah, Mrs. Hayfer and Mr. Lang kept telling us all to shut the F*** up.
Hana: Mr. Jones and Mrs. Hiller kept cussing at us too.
Jill: The teachers are really swearative today.
by RinuMizumi March 27, 2008

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