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Verb: Describing a hungry college student or young individual paying back college loans who has learned to not only survive on Maruchan brand Ramen Noodles for sustinance, but happens to enjoy them as they devour the slippery sensation. This typically coincides with a common sound of the enjoyment: NOM NOM NOM.

Adjective: Describing a particularly tasty bowl of Maruchan brand Ramen noodles, perferably Oriental flavor (Top Ramen just sucks) that you want to subsequently NOM NOM NOM.

Note: -True- Nommin' Noodles do not feature "corms". Mike & Erin will hunt you down if you try to call these Nommin' Noodles.
Wow, Ralph's totally nommin' noodles.

Lucy makes killer Oriental Nommin' Noodles. Maruchan brand, of course.
by Rinny McT January 09, 2009

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