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The Winsor School is a Private School in Boston, Ma. The Winsor's brother schools are Belmont Hill and Roxbury Latin. It goes from 5th Grade to 12th Grade and has many activities to get to know one another and help charities. The girls love the school and show teamwork all day long. Winsor is an amazing school for all girls 5th through 12th grade.
Winsor School Example:

Girl 1: Hey! Look at that!
Girl 2: What?
Girl 1: They're having a charity event for pine street in!
Girl 2: That place for homeless people! I've seen that place! My best friend's mom went there until she got a job! That place is a very good place to go!
Girl 1: But look, they need more money for donations! We should help get money!
Girl 2: What should we do though? A bake sale?
Girl 1: That's a great idea! You know, December is a month with a lot of people's birthdays! We could sell cakes! I think that this should help the charity!
Girl 2: I guess, but I have a lot of homework and I am not very good at Math the square route of 2 and you know, that stuff...
Girl 1: I could help! It'll be fun! Then we can do the bake sale!
Girl 2: Alright then, let's begin!
by Rina Moracin February 19, 2012
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