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Portable sanctuaries.
Books can provide such wonderful escapes. They are like your own little sanctuary and you have a wide choice to lose yourself in. :)
by Rina Lam January 04, 2012
Lumione is a non-canon ship in the Harry Potter fandom. It is a portmanteaux of Lucius/Hermione, pairing Lucius Malfoy with Hermione Granger. The fanfiction is often smutty and excellent.
"I read this Lumione fic where Narcissa died from a bad case of Dragon Pox."
by Rina Lam October 09, 2011
A term used to casually describe fanfiction about Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter books as a teenager/Hogwarts graduate. It is a portmanteaux of his real name 'Tom' and crafted name 'Voldemort'.
"Omg, I love Tomdemort. He is so evil and sexy in this fanfic I am reading."
by Rina Lam October 09, 2011
A synonym for mouth. Often used by non-Middle Eastern muslims towards Middle-Eastern peoples (usually of any religion) when telling them to be quiet. It is not supposed to be rude. It is a cute and friendly way of telling your friend to hush up in a mock-exasperated tone. It is like "cake hole" or "pie hole", it just employs a food reference to Middle Eastern culture.
Fatima the Lebanese Girl: Yallah, Pria! I need the scissors for this cut-and-paste activity. You've been using them the whole lesson I need them now.
Pria the Bangladeshi Girl: Shut your baklava hole, babe. Here take them.
by Rina Lam October 12, 2011
(Pronounciation: choc/la/dise or chokladise)

1. The good feeling when you're eating chocolate

2. A paradise of chocolate/Chocolate heaven
1. (Eats Kinder surprise chocolate) "Omg, this is like chocoladise!

2. A chocolaterie, confectionary store, etc...
by Rina Lam October 09, 2011
An uncommon synonym for husband used by silly women (or a REALLY gay, gay man). It is a portmanteaux derived from "male" and "spouse". Sometimes it can be cute. But usually only cute when used by children under the age of nine, playing 'House'.
Equation of the word:
Husband = Male + Spouse
Male + Spouse = Mouse
∴ Husband = Mouse
Silly Bitch A: My mouse bought me this GORGEOUS sapphire and diamond ring for our three-year anniversary!
Silly Bitch B: WOW! I hope when I get married my mouse buys me nice things like that.
Gay Bitch (or Silly Bitch C): I bet you'll never even get a mouse, you hideous hag.
Silly Bitch A: *shock/horror*
Silly Bitch B: *deeply offended*
Silly Bitch C: *smug & queer*
by Rina Lam October 12, 2011
A major realisation regarding the Harry Potter fandom. An epiphany about Potterverse.
Brin: I saw this cool post on tumblr where this chick was saying that she didn't mind so much that only the seventh book was split into two movies.
Isla: What was so cool about it?
Brin: She made a connection between how most people thought there would be seven movies when there turned out to be eight, just like with the fragments of Voldemort's soul. Everyone thought there would be seven pieces but there turned out to be an eighth piece in Harry.
Isla: Oh. My. God.
Brin: I know right? I had the exact same potterpiphany!
by Rina Lam October 24, 2011

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