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a person who is very loveable & caring they seem quiet but really r not they love all their m8z & care soooooooooooo much bout their b/f!!
Rina.H. from United Kingdom England London
by Rina February 25, 2005
sex god, used when discribing someone hott, pretty, sexy,
Rina: He's my Gerard Way, who's yours?
by rina February 28, 2005
A girl who is literally perfect. She is smart, funny, dreamy, beautiful, and everything a guy could ever ask for. If you have her as a girlfriend then you're the luckiest guy to walk the face of this earth... Because she's the most amazing girl in the world.
Loos at Cliona over there, she's so perfect, standing over there! Every time I look at her I fall for her again and again.
#perfection #happiness #most amazing girl in the world #beautiful #gorgeous
by RiNa May 31, 2014
football poetry
"i will read non boobs at the game tonight cause it is teh hat."
by rina December 06, 2003
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