22 definitions by Riley

1) one cool cat that rocks keavinators math class
2) a kind hearted soul
3) a genius
4) one kickass cheerleader
5) a word used to descirbe most awesome girl in stang who loves urbandictionary
1) Math would be so darn boring without that KaytiLu around
2) Mother Theresa will be remembered as one of the greatest KaytiLu's
3) Albert Einstien was one hell of a KaytiLu
4) Only a KaytiLu can do a back handspring like that
5) Mommy, Im running instead of prom queen as most KaytiLu like
by riley March 14, 2005
A light in the warp made by 10'000 psykers who sacrifice their life so imperial ships can travel more quickly
The navigator was lost in the warp, so he looked to the astronomican
by riley November 13, 2003
incorrect spelling of newgrounds
did you see that fuckstick that can't spull?
by riley November 13, 2003
cool, awesome, tyte... the list goes on
That was a sahje movie!
by Riley November 29, 2003
someone who uses a tau army
that is an example, fuckstick
by riley November 13, 2003
a bong with no rush hole which you pull thorugh in one breath as you light
stack me a shottie mo-fo
by riley March 20, 2005
1. n. one who lives on the Westbank of New Orleans. Generally used as an insult. Contraction of "west" and "bank."
2. n. one who masturbates quite a bit or beyond healthy means
1. Wow, Robert, you're such a wanker. Go back to the wank.

2. Wow, look at those wanking Brits.
by Riley April 14, 2005

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