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Using Google or other web based tools to translate English into another language with the hopes of being perceived as multilingual.
Did you see his Facebook comment with the Croatian birthday greeting? It was obviously translated online, he is so fauxlingual.

by Rilesworth9000 April 10, 2009
A small confined space with foul smelling odor that allows a person to expel flatulence (fart) undetected.
"I am lucky the elevator had fartcammo because I was riding it with the girl from 216 and couldn't hold it in."
by Rilesworth9000 June 04, 2009
Continuing to wear your headphones after the music has stopped playing.
I was so in the zone when Backyard Betty finished, i didn't even realize I was listening to Fauxtunes!
by Rilesworth9000 September 08, 2008

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