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A really cute asian girl.

Relative to the term black man's kryptonite; made popular by the movie Undercover Brother.
"I went to Las Vegas this week and there was so much White Man's Kryptonite there I nearly lost my sh*t!"

"Cute asian girls make me come undone, they're White Man's Kryptonite!"
by Riko May 06, 2005
Yet another synonym for the area between a man's asshole and testes. See also: taint, durf, and grundle.

"Skid Plate" is actually an automotive term for a protective plate(or plates) that shield the underside of Off-Road vehicles from damage. Here, the former, "skid" refers to skid marks.
"I think I tore my Skid Plate climbing over that fence!"
by Riko February 18, 2005

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