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A dilemma faced by many young Christians today due to the confluence of current societal norms (i.e. getting married later in life) and the generally accepted Christian practice of abstaining from sex until after marriage.

Christians, as a general rule, don't start bumping uglies till the wedding night. This does present an issue for some of the more hormonal and excitable among them who just wanna get it on.
I think Bill and Mary are suffering from Horny Christian Syndrome, they are getting married tomorrow and only met four months ago.
by Riico August 30, 2012
Pronounced 'Bravo'

Used in anticipation for a beer after 12:00pm.

Afternoon = Arvo (Australian Slang)
Work today has knobs on it, I can't wait for the Brarvo.
by Riico August 16, 2012
A person who is easily confused by computers or electronic gadgets.
Mards: Hey Rico, can you pass me the buttons?
Rico: Do you mean the remote control for the TV?
Mards: Yeah
Mards: Why doesn't the TV work?
Rico: *Sigh* Pass me the remote
Mards: the what?
by Riico September 27, 2012

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