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louve loohv noun, verb, louved, louv·ing.
–noun 1. A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person, usually a significant other, or object. Often used in situations where the word "love" just isn't sufficient.
Rosie's deep feelings for the ice cream cake were stronger than any emotions she'd experienced in her lifetime. She did more than love that cake - she louved it.
by Rigz November 26, 2007
–noun bey-kuhn tongz
1. The fingers that are used to manually stimulate an over weight woman (aka finger bang a fat chick).

2. A useful tool for the stimulatation of women with incredibly large labia.
"I picked up this whale at the bar last night. Took her back to my place. She smoked my pole and I gave her the old bacon tongs."

"After putting on my wizard hat, robe, and speluker's light, I used my bacon tongs to pleasure my large lover."
by Rigz June 04, 2007

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