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A very overused word that means "good" or "ok".
Person 1: Someone is defining "cool"!
Person 2: Cool...
by rightbehindyou February 20, 2012
Jane: shut up Jake!
Jake: NTYVM!
Jane: fine be that way!
by Rightbehindyou September 27, 2009
A person who is very, very different than a normal fan. A fanboy is someone who has a disturbing obsession with a medium and WILL start verbal world war one if you attempt to point out a glaring flaw of their wonderful, precious,'1337', perfect thing that is SUPERIOR to your preference. Do not try to argue with one, you are only inciting an unwinnable game.
Fanboy: OMG OMG X is 1337!!1!!!111 ur so dumb u dum ugy faggottard fanboy!!11!

Fan of another medium: Actually, X has an extremely cliched plot and dull, invincible protagonists. Really, how many times in the history of movies has-

Fanboy: OMG UR SCH A-

*Fanboy drops several dozen f-bombs on Fan-of-another-medumland. This continues until Fanboy vomits on himself in pure, unadulterated rage.*
by RightBehindYou August 21, 2012
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