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Someone who works hard and parties hard. Also keeps their house at 55 degrees at all times.
That hot dog is for Hardcore Ed.
by Riggs April 10, 2003
when a guy lets a girl know he aint playing around.
hold my drink girl. im rick james bitch
by riggs March 23, 2004
A distasteful person; used to express resentment
Wow, that asshole Bill sure is being a poopskin today.
by Riggs July 01, 2003
It means going off to smoke smoke some weed without mentioning anything dodgy
You going for a g dog later
by Riggs October 20, 2004
To cause pleasure by means of tactile contact with the tougne to the rear-end of another person or yourself (ususlly done in a gay porno)
the other day, little tommy gave me a Rim-Job, and sucked my asshole dry
by Riggs July 29, 2003
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