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A person who, after a minimal ammount of alcohol, turns into the legendary belgian muscle man jean Claude Van Damme and starts a fight with anybody near him despite their size
Things got a bit tasty last night in the Club - after half a pint of special brew Dave turned into One Can Van Damme and smacked a bouncer
by Rifleman59 April 30, 2010
The act of frenzied masturbation in an attempt to tire yourself out and get some sleep - used by Rifleman....
I could NOT get to sleep last night so I took a Riflemans Sleeping Tablet and nodded off right away - it was wank durch
by Rifleman59 May 04, 2010
An old sock, kept under the pillow or bed for the sole purpose of catching any seed spilled when taking a Riflemans Sleeping Tablet
Do you need any tissues for tonight son?....no thanks mum I've got my wank sock under my bed.....thanks anyway....wank durch
by Rifleman59 May 05, 2010
Royal Green Jacket/Rifles slang meaning whatever I have just said I mean to total opposite
Morning love........ your looking slim durch
by Rifleman59 April 30, 2010
To act immediately, with speed and enthusiasm - disregarding everything else - As fast as a tramp would approach some disregarded chips
last night Fiona asked me if she could play my beef bugle.....i was on it like a tramp on chips
by Rifleman59 August 13, 2011
That intense sick feeling you get when you are pulling your meat and you hear the front door close and you scramble to disconnect from 'up my arse' dot com as quickly as you can whilst pulling up your trousers and wiping jizz off the keyboard
Fuck me...I was waxing the dolphin yesterday when my Grandad came home early from the day centre....I had near miss porn stomach for fucking hours afterwards
by Rifleman59 May 05, 2010
Blow job - when the knob is held with one hand and gingerly sucked on the tip so it looks as if it is being played instead of sucked
Goodnight love.....before you go to sleep do you fancy playing the last post on my beef bugle......you do!!!, wank durch.
by Rifleman59 May 07, 2010
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