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Pulling a hearst or to hearst.: To make up news where there aren’t any, or make up a story and pass it as true, particularly when there is a dearth of real events. The term is coined after American press tycoon Randolph William Hearst who was known for manufacturing sensational stories from whole cloth and distorting real events.
Ahmed: I read that Saudi Arabia has rejected the nomination of a Pakistani diplomat to be ambassador to their country because his name is Akbar Zib … dude, in Arabic that name means “biggest dick”.
Tyron: I don’t believe it. They are pulling a hearst … and I am changing my name to Tyron Akbar Zib.
by Riffi March 28, 2013
To have an interior nature that may not have an exterior physical manifestation

Insistence, noun."to insist", verb, as opposed to "to exist" or standing out, and not in the sense of persist, assert or dwell upon something. The term "insist" comes from the Latin "in", meaning inside, interior, inward, and "sistere", meaning standing, dwelling ... So "to insist" here is to mean to have an interior quality or essence that may not have an outward physical expression.
John: I never said that God didn't exit, i am just saying that we should be very patient and wait for him to show up ...

Ludovic: He will never show up, because I believe in the insistence of God ...
by Riffi March 29, 2013

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