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A verb which is used to when taking ecstasy (to "roll") with your "bros".
Hey man, my girlfriend and I were planning on taking ecstasy together but she just broke up with me and I haven't taken ex in a while, want to just broll all night and give each other light shows?
by Rif Raf 420 March 14, 2010
To masturbate and ejaculate while circumnavigating the world. Can also be used when traveling just a country or state.
This summer when I travel to Europe, It'll be a perfect time for me to fulfill my lifetime goal: to circumjaculate the world!

When we took that road trip to Florida, I was so backed up that I started getting blue balls, so sooner or later I had no choice but in taking the liberty of circumjaculation. I got so used to it I made it a habit at every time we stopped for gas.

Yeah, circumjaculation is fun, but not as cool as being in the Mile High Club.

I was such an idiot for not breaking up with my girlfriend before my trip to Europe therefore I had to resort to circumjaculation. I jacked off at every hotel and hostel I stayed at.
by Rif Raf 420 March 14, 2010

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