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2 definitions by RidleyOmega

A very splendid word to shout out randomly
My boss at a meeting: "Now, if you turn to page 3 of your packets, we'll go over Fiscal projections. I'm pleased to announce a 32% increase in the fourth quarter, as well as-"

Me: "FUCKY!!!"
by RidleyOmega May 10, 2010
Twisted Metal Syndrome. A period of time when you want to fit various guns and missiles on your car and go on a rampage after playing a violent driving game like Twisted Metal, hence the name. Basicaly, another word for GTA Syndrome, minus the weapons on your vehicle.
Pedestrian: AHHH! Fuck, you shot me!!!

Driver: Oh, sorry. I seem to have TMS.
by RidleyOmega April 05, 2010