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An amazing town in Bergen County, New Jersey that is next to Wykoff, Midland Park, Paramus, and Glen Rock.

We have 9 elementary schools, two middle schools (one east of train track, one west), and one high school, which is one of the best public schools (and better than some private ones) in the country. We have a very good musical program, along with outstanding academic and athletic programs.

We are mostly rich, but not all preppy or snobbish as many people unfairly stereotype us. Most of us are nice people.

We have a train station, a library and a lake/pool (even though it is a disgusting one.) We have a town area with a lot of shops and restaurants in the center of Ridgewood.

Many of our residents work in Ridgewood or commute to New York everyday. It is close enough to visit New York in less than an hour, but it is far enough to be in a peaceful suburb.

Some famous people that came from/live in Ridgewood are Harlan Coben, Jeff Feagles, Lawrence Frank, MC Paul Barman, Frankie Muniz, and Jordin Sparks.
Let's go to Quiznos, in Ridgewood.
by Ridgewood Resident September 30, 2008

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