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A more upscale version of Walmart. Thoroughly evil, it is run by people who are absolutely obsessed with getting more and more people to sign up for the Target VISA.

See Red & Khaki Hell
For the last time, I don't want a Target VISA.
by Ride the Bomb January 23, 2004
A nickname among some ex-employees of the Target corporation for said corporation and it's growing number of stores. Despite our hatred, we still prefer it to Walmart.
I spent three years of my life in Red & Khaki Hell.
by Ride the Bomb January 23, 2004
1. Slang meaning to be extremly proficient in an activity.
2. Slang used to refer specifically to one's fighting ability.
You best knuckle up and protect your grill holmes, cuz I gots the stoopid skills.
by Ride the Bomb August 31, 2003
Things to be used for either good or awesome, according to Strong Bad
"Do you have robot powers? If yes, do you use them for good or for awesome?" - Strong Bad
by Ride the Bomb August 31, 2003
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