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As long as I am able
I don't have Internet access of my own, but I'm gonna keep stealing wi-fi from my neighbor until the trust fund runs out.
by Rico Detroit June 13, 2008
In baseball, if the runner is tagged at the same moment he reaches the base, he is considered safe.

In everything else, the benefit of the doubt goes to the one who finishes with the momentum.
June and Li are both super hot, but Li looks extra good right now in that green sweater, so...tie goes to the runner; I'm asking Li out.
by Rico Detroit September 26, 2008
Something that loses its credibility and/or enjoyment because of over-embellishment.
(1) He had everyone believing he was the President's brother, but the more he talked the more alien robot zombies his story got.

(2) The first book in the series had great a storyline, but now it's just alien robot zombies.
by Rico Detroit March 04, 2009
Slang for a diesel engine manufactured back in the day by GM Diesel (later known as Detroit Diesel, later known as MTU). They were "screamin'" because they were loud, and "Jimmy" being casual slang for "GM." (Also known as "Jimmy Diesels.")
My job in 'Nam was to make sure them Screamin' Jimmys kept screamin' on the patrol boat, otherwise we'd have been sitting ducks for the vietcong.
by Rico Detroit March 01, 2008
Slang for a two-cycle diesel engine manufactured back in the day by GM Diesel (later known as Detroit Diesel, later known as MTU) -- "Jimmy" being casual slang for "GM."
These newfangled engines may be better for the environment, but them Jimmy Diesels were tough as hell.
by Rico Detroit March 01, 2008
A combination of "idiot" and "monkey" (synonym: monkiot). Refers to someone given no authority or autonomy (treated as if they are "doing a job any monkey could do"), and who therefore feels no responsibility to make good decisions or deviate in any way from what they have been told to do.
I got my boss's boss to sign my expense report, but the idiokey from finance refused to pay it until my own boss returned from vacation and signed it.
by Rico Detroit November 13, 2007
An accomplishment so small that it really isn't an accomlishment at all. Something someone brags about despite the fact that it is entirely uderwhelming.
Hey I just cleared level 5 on Angry Birds!

Congratulations on your uncomplishment.
by Rico Detroit February 17, 2011

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