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A very difficult sexual move but yet very pleasing to a woman. What you have to do is get your girl on the bed while your standing on the floor. lift up her legs over your head and lick her clit. You can get the g spot so much easier.
"Baby that was evanlicious what you did to my pussy"
by RickyWill September 18, 2007
A big swoll dude, unusually built, but not quite like a body builder. Very strong and built like an ox!Can only be a guy! Usually used during boxing or football games but can be used at any moment.
Look, baranosky just knocked that guy the fuck out
by RickyWill September 18, 2007
a boner, hard on, erection.
Dude, i just got a chubby looking at Jessica Simpson in "The Dukes of Hazard"
by RickyWill September 18, 2007

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