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Term used to describe a female of any age who has engaged in much more sexual intercourse than is average for a lady of her years. Thus, allegedly, her vagina would become stretched in terms of both shape and size.
I wouldn't go near her mate. She's a right slack annie
by RickyRocket September 08, 2006
Term used to describe somebodies head. The term is only used for individuals who have an abnormally large or fat head. Hence it being a "meaty" head.
(boy crosses a ball in football / soccer)

Rick (Shouts) - Oi Matt - get your Meat Swede on that lad!
by RickyRocket September 15, 2006
a term used when referring to somebody who is naturally short in height
He's only about 4ft tall! Proper little sawn off that one
by RickyRocket September 08, 2006
A term used to describe a person who is short.
5ft 2" Chris - Alright fella

6ft Rick - Hiya Dusty Butt, how's things?
by RickyRocket September 08, 2006

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