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Caboonchin, is referred to a person or animal that is both Skinny and Fat at the same time. Like when one part of there body is fatter than the other part.
"Look at that fat girl that has no boobs."

"Ahh, there is the Caboonchin."
by Ricky Zaragoza March 12, 2008
Rynestone, as in the song, "Rhinestone Cowboy"...is a nickname in memory of and made famous by Calvin Huffmaster(r.i.p.) And it helps if your name is: Ryne, Ryan, Rhine, or something of that nature.
"Hey Ryne, you are a "Rynestone cowboy" ! ! !
by Ricky Zaragoza March 11, 2008
Meaning something rediculously crazy, or something really sutpid
"Man that dunk was Garbage Music."..."What kind of hair-dew is that, that is Garbage music."
by Ricky Zaragoza March 11, 2008

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