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good marijuana. usually comes in different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. none of that schwag shit.
1. check out these heady nuggets i just got.

2. damn, those are some heady nuggets!

3. who's got my headys?
by Ricky D May 17, 2003
To masturbate
Verb form (Dipping your chip)
Also Known as: Rubbing your Chub, Stripping your tip, and Stroking Your Goat.
"Man, Someone told me you like to dip your chip in the boys bathroom."
#dip #chip #masturbate #jerk #pleasure #rub #chub #stroke #goat
by Ricky D May 19, 2006
excellent marijuana. it has red hairs and sticky, fluffy buds. also refered to as nuggets, kind bud, nugs.
hey man, you got some nuggens?
by Ricky D May 16, 2003
some one who gets caught smoking hash
hashpley at crc
by ricky d August 20, 2003
1. one who participates in donkey honking

2. one who participates in the honking of donkeys
1. man, that show last night was donktastic!

2. go honk a donkey

3. you donkey honker
by Ricky D May 16, 2003
The shiznizzlist mofo ever to roll out of T'vizzle. Noted for "Mad Dog" magic marker tattoo. Often paired with "Hook." short for "Richard"
No one called him by his real name, they all knew him as "Tard."
by Ricky D June 06, 2003
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