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1.) Lying about everything, just because it doesn't matter.
"That's not true, your dumbass, stop pulling a mark, you know you're lying."
by Ricky Babaganoosh May 17, 2009
Type 3) Type 3 Newburn's Syndrome or T3-NS also known as Lee's Disease, is the far most severe form. There is absolutely no cure for it what's so ever, there is no treatment, there is hardly any help. A person having T3-NS is very easy to notice. They are by no means a humble person at all. They are incredibly stubborn and their word is absolute. They are better than you in every way, and there is nothing that you can do to change that, eventually they may see you as an equal, but they are still better. If something is not good to them, or it is not popular, it is utter garbage, nothing more. They only take advice from their equals, and nobody else. They can be considered a "Tool" in most cases, because of their extreme arrogance. Many of them are exceptionally loud people, and like to flaunt "how good they are" by showing off their amazing skills, and bragging while doing so. People who are generally referred to as a "Luck Sack" and known for their obnoxious behavior because of it, usually if seen by a professional will be diagnosed with T3-NS. A high warning to anyone who encounters one of these, avoid them at all cost. They can be considered dangerous, some of them are prone to violence, once again take extreme caution when dealing with someone diagnosed with T3-NS. As mentioned before, there is no known cure for this disease. It is highly contageous.
"I really can't stand that Andrew guy, he's such a dick, all he does is shit talk and think he's soooo amazing."
"Yea i hear ya, but feel bad for him, he's got Lee's Disease."
"Aw Newburn's Syndrome (Type 3), aw, how sad, yeah, i'll try and be nice to him."
by Ricky Babaganoosh February 22, 2010
Type 2) Type 2 Newburn's Syndrome or T2-NS is slightly more severe and more contagious than T1-NS. T2-NS is caused after you are diagnosed with T1-NS. You start off as an arrogant ass for awhile, then eventually it all goes to your head severely. You are above everybody that surrounds you and you pick and chose the people that you feel are your equal and you treat them as your equal, everybody else is nothing. You become stubborn, severely, and stay ahead of things, yet you fail to see the small minor details in some things, no matter how detailed you take a look at something. Because of these effects your arrogance gets even larger, you become more of an ass, and only your small group of friends will enjoy you. You will begin to burn bridges and dismantle several friendships because you treat people like dirt. T2-NS like i said is derived from T1-NS, but the difference is, unlike T1-NS, where you think your great and just are arrogant for no reason, T2-NS stems from doing something great only one time, and never being able to do it ever again, or coming close, but scrubbing out. T2-NS usually can not be cured, if the same event you pulled once, or something similar happens, it tends usually to get worse. People with T2-NS are extremely recognizable, so speak gently to them, they are prone to trash talk and arguements easily.
"Has anybody seen John lately, I have seen him since the Nationals Tournament after we won it."
"Oh you didn't hear, he scrubbed at a bunch of Shonen Jump's and is trying to up his status but hasn't done a thing, i heard got diagnosed with Newburn's Syndrome (Type 2)."
by Ricky Babaganoosh February 22, 2010
Type 1) The complete inability just to be an ass for apparently no reason. Studies have shown that usually the bigger your head gets, and the bigger your ego, the more likely you are to suffer from Newburn's Syndrome. The best way to deal and treat the first part of this condition is basically to just take everything thing as a whole, and not judge the smaller things, even though you may be above them, appreciate them, and don't consider yourself the most amazing person in the world, obviously there's someone better than you, always. Type 1 Newburn's Syndrome or T1-NS is the least severe of this syndrome, it can be treated easily with counseling and moral support from your friends, as long as you are willing to accept the help. The origins of T1-NS are still highly unknown, but it was first discovered in a Yu-Gi-Oh! player by the name of Ryan Newburn hence who the disease is named after.
"Man, Steve has been on a hot streak lately but his arrogance is getting to him. Do you think he should by tested for Newburn's Syndrome (Type 1)"
by Ricky Babaganoosh February 22, 2010

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