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59 definitions by Ricky

a obese person who blocks hallways and goes to nyack highschool
Between the two of them, ben and rosio could block off a whole portion of the school and became known ass hallway blockers.
by ricky March 07, 2003
refering to someone that is in a bad mood
damn dog stop being so salty. or Damn he didn't get any play he's being a salty dog
by Ricky March 03, 2005
Rectal hole in wich peple fuck then the chick starts to shit outrageously all over his chest.Comes from the greek word (fuck the pussy u idiot!)
I have not fucked an ass b-4
by Ricky March 29, 2005
a bright red, large permanent fixture-zit that is usually found on the tips of extraordinarily large noses...sometimes accomodated by copious amounts of puss
hey, shnozoid, thats SOME frugle you got there! what, does that thing have it's own weather system? ask the pilot of your frugle how the weather is over there
by Ricky December 10, 2003
Any canadian
look...it's a bus full of mounties
by Ricky June 14, 2003
to shove a turkey down some ones throat
i'm going to turkey you
by Ricky March 02, 2005
drinking 69 gallons (British, cause they're bigger than US gallons) of pussy juicy
"do you mind if I stop sucking your clit for a while, I need the bathroom"
by Ricky June 20, 2003