61 definitions by Ricky

a stupid slap usually give for saying something stupid
i gave tony a juang because he said the sahara desert was in india
by ricky March 21, 2005
someone/something that fucks someone else in the ass. not necessarily literally.
Man, the credit cad company really fucked me in the ass. What a bunch of ass badgers!
by Ricky March 09, 2004
1. Writing, typing, or speaking backwards to confuse people and to get attention.
1. -.emosewa saw tahT
-Quit oobing dood.
by Ricky February 27, 2004
The act of getting sexual pleasure.
"Hey Tim, you see that girl to your left?
I got gummy from her last yer."
by Ricky January 15, 2004
Acronym for "Cow Vaginal Discharge"

Can be used in place of the word "prick", "faggot", or "waste of skin".
Dude, you're such a CVD, yo.
by ricky January 10, 2004
A nutter, freaky, a pimp {zwei]
"Did you see how that zw swirls his cock?"
by Ricky January 07, 2005
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