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1. To refer to yourself in the third person while speaking with a foreign accent.
1. Oh, I like it when you modtriaze.
by Ricky February 27, 2004
A viet sware word. Losely translated it means Short, hot, and dates white guys. Also see, won't kiss her asian boyfriends. Those crazy asians. They'll take anything as an insult.
That Cynthia, she's such a Hang Ma. I couldn't get anything out of her! I wish I were white.
by Ricky February 03, 2004
Tuesday, December 09, 2003

FINNALS (the new F-bomb)

Finnals: An expretion of distaste and anger. Derived from an old school term meaning tests all week without a break. The school board is fighting against the use of this word.
Examples: OH FINNALS! We're swimming again?!

Oh you FINNALING dirtbag!

FINNAL that! I'm going home!
by Ricky December 09, 2003
one who troops cock with thier mouth or anus
Oh my god she is such a dick trooper, she takes so much dick
by RICKY April 01, 2005
a stupid slap usually give for saying something stupid
i gave tony a juang because he said the sahara desert was in india
by ricky March 21, 2005
the sound the jizz drops when they hit the floor.
my jizz went kasplat when i jacked-off.
by ricky January 18, 2004
A nutter, freaky, a pimp {zwei]
"Did you see how that zw swirls his cock?"
by Ricky January 07, 2005

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