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text from your ex.

Text messages from your ex girlfriend/ex boyfriendusually wanting something they can't have. Don't give it to them.
Antonio - hey you got a text message.

Brad - thanks. oh no its not a text message. it's from my
ex clarissa. It's an ex message.

Antonio - oh okay an ex message I get it. Thanks for explaining that one to me.

Brad - No problem. So what you doing later?

Antonio - Oh i don't know, thought i'd stay in.

Brad - Oh how lovely.

Antonio - yeah thanks... don't you want to know what i'm doing?

Brad - erm yeah sure.

Antonio - I thought i'd just stay in as well.

Brad - Right...

Antonio - You're so hot.

Brad - What?

Antonio - nothing... (whipers) i love you.
by Rickitson January 17, 2008

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